Prague Wedding Photographer

„ Personal Approach Is the Key to Superb Photography “


Michael Kudela MSc. - Prague Wedding Photographer

I was born in Prague and I have been photographing from 1995. First as a reportage photographer, lately I began to photograph weddings, celebrities and portraits.

My work has been published in several magazines and recently was honoured by choosing one of my pictures to prestigious Nikon Calender 2013 and Czech official BirdLife organisation in 2014. Thanks to my work I travel very often abroad.

My motto is:
„Personal approach is the key to superb photography.“


How should I expresses my attitude to photographing people?
„I prefer natural photography which reflects the person and its surroundings. Many times I can hear from people on weddings: Please don’t photograph me, I am not photogenic person. I never agree. I am sure it is photographer’s task to use his best professional creativity and knowledge to make perfect result and his customer satisfied.“


I use exclusively professional products from Nikon, currently - I hope the best camera for wedding and portraits - the 36Mpix D810. My former D300 acts as a backup body. „My favourite lens on weddings and in the interiors is one of the best reportage lens 24-70/2.8 and superfast 50/1.4 or 85/1.8. During parties I use extra-wide lens 12-24/4, it perfectly illustrates the atmosphere.“


My workflow includes basic and advanced retouches of the pictures. „However, I think it is much better to make high quality picture directly with the camera than lately with artificial and strong retouches.“


Influent English and Italian, personal approach and almost twenty years of photographing guarantees perfect results and satisfaction of my clientele. For more examples, please follow the links on this site or externals references, like these: Auto motor a sport, Auto 7, Nikon Calender 2013.


Personal references on request.
Regarding foreing languages, I speak Czech and Slovak, English, Italian and partly Russian, German and French.

Photographer using professional equipment